farmers wanted

Whether you're a couple farming together, or have 5 kids in tow, I'd love to hear from you!

ALL farming counts! Large commercial veg to market gardens, cows, horses, sheep, flowers...

a day in your life

I'm looking for 3 farm families within the Ottawa & Valley area to work with starting October 2023. By applying you agree to at least 1 documentary photography session per quarter and must sign a release for me to use the pictures on my social media, advertising and possibly as part of a personal project book. In exchange you will receive a gallery of photographs from each session to share and cherish.

My style of photography is completely unposed and candid. I will spend time at your farm simply documenting as you go about a regular day. As with my approach to photographing weddings and city families, I strive to show the magic in the day to day—it's not necessary for something "big" to be happening, although that can be part of it to...such as lambing season or taking livestock to auction, or finally showing off your produce at the market. You also won't have to worry about me getting in the way or being squeamish or afraid of mud. Heck, if you need help with something I'll put the camera down and get to work!

Please apply below and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Why do I want to do this? I love all things rural life and I think it's more important than ever to document the hardworking people who show up rain or shine, feed cities, celebrate and preserve the land, tend to animals, and build community.

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