A Personal War:

What is the subject/theme? “I don’t remember, I wasn’t even there, what was it really like. The pain and sorrow, so many people died, I hope it never happens again.” These lyrics, familiar to all attending my elementary school, were drilled into us from kindergarten on, as a ritual performed at the annual Remembrance Day ceremony. At a young age I remember questioning, “what was it really like”, but of course, could not reach any real depth of understanding.I have chosen to contrast my Grandfather, a WWII Veteran, with Captain Sean Bruyea, who served during the Gulf War as an Air Force Intelligence Officer, and a young soldier who never got to tell his story.

What is the purpose of this project?

To bring to light the personal experience of war, and to shed light on recent Government treatment of those injured in war, and further the study of the human mind in wartime.

Target audience, who are you talking to?

Everybody, as war affects us all.

What is the single most important outcome?

One must remember that while war seems like a machine, it is made up of individuals. Their stories and voices deserve to rise above meaningless numbers and sensationalist media coverage.

1-2. Per Ardua Ad Astra - Through Adversity To The Stars". 2010 Young Photographers Association Mentoring Program, theme "Answering Adversity

3-4. The military instills compassion for our brothers and sisters in uniform.

Wartime ensures we never forget to care for others. Leaving the military made me realize how difficult it was for injured soldiers to make this transition to civilian life. I couldn't turn my backs on my fellow soldiers.I had to help them out. I just never imagined that the struggle against my own government to bring about better treatment of injured soldiers and their families would be a far more difficult battle than the war which permanently
scarred my body and mind."
- Captain Bruyea

5-6. Servitium Nulli Secundus-Service Second to None
2010 Young Photographers Association Mentoring Program, theme "Answering Adversity"